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Property Management


We would like the opportunity to manage your property.

Why Choose Structure PMG?

Structure PMG has developed and fine-tuned a dynamic system for managing properties.

Structure PMG’s system is built around the consistent application of successful property management techniques, new technologies and based on our absolute commitment to enhance our clients’ investments. There is a need for a systematic approach to a number of areas of property management to insure there are proper controls in place and that changes over periods of time can be accurately tracked. In addition to the need to have systems in place, Structure PMG also recognizes that not all properties run the same creating a need to have specific programs designed for each property. Structure PMG understands the balance between systematic approaches and the need to identify and adjust management to the specific needs of each property


Structure PMG provides a stable and reliable team of professionals who are directly responsible for the operations at every site we manage. Structure PMG’s Property Management services provide in-depth industry knowledge and vision to the management of our clients’ assets. We operate with traditional tried-and true property management fundamentals while continually incorporating industry changes in technology, procedures, and market conditions.


Property management is a complex and time consuming business that is usually best left to a professional, experienced and dedicated property management company, such as Structure PMG. Structure PMG specializes in maximizing the value of your property and shielding our clients from the daily (and nightly) concerns associated property management needs of a real estate asset. Structure PMG provides our clients with quality service, peace of mind, attention to detail, and the professionalism needed to maximize your investment.

Property Management Services

Structure PMG has a complete platform to provide all day-to-day and long-term property management services, including:

  • Income Management, including: rent collections, a number of payment options including direct deposit and credit card payments, diligent pursuit of delinquent rents and identifying new sources of revenue.
  • Expense Management, including: payment of property expenditures, making sure that items that are being paid for were provided and making sure the prices being paid are correct.
  • Repair and Maintenance Management, including: frequent property visits, coordination of repairs, fielding all tenant requests for maintenance, qualifying vendors and maximizing the curb appeal of the asset.
  • Onsite Staff Management, including: selection of onsite staff, payroll management and training.
  • Advertising and Marketing Management, including: internet marketing campaigns, effective handling of prospects and maximizing the property’s exposure to the market.
  • Leasing Management, including: rental surveys to determine competitive pricing, showing available units, screening / qualifying prospects, rental agreement documentation and retention programs for existing tenants.
  • Tenant / Resident Management, including: fielding all issues with tenants, management of unlawful detainer / eviction actions and doing everything we can to make sure that the tenant has the best possible living experience at the property
  • Comprehensive Financial Reporting, including: monthly management reports, budgeting, cash flow forecasting, thorough financial analysis of operational performance and detail reporting that clearly shows all money that came in and all money that went out. Structure PMG uses Yardi, a leading property management software platform, which provides all-inclusive property and tenant financial management, detailed reporting and powerful real-time analytics.

We have your asset covered with every service it needs.


Full Service

Structure PMG is uniquely qualified to provide a wide array of customizable services that includes everything you need to surround your asset with all the services it needs.

This includes all ON SITE needs, all MAINTENANCE needs, all OFFSITE financial management and reporting as well as all CONSTRUCTION MANAGEMENT of complicated capital projects.

Structure PMG has the experience, resources and know-how to manage your property efficiently and cost effectively. The result of this is systematically maximizing your asset’s cash flow by increasing income, lowering your expenses and minimizing your exposure to liability.



Structure PMG invests in, joins & partners with industry leading organizations & services: