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Real Estate Investment


See how Structure PMG can help you invest.

Services Provided and Structure of Investment:

We strive to offer our Investors a very attractive structure and a number of beneficial services that adds value during the entire investment cycle. Real estate investment is a far more complicated process than might appear at first, requiring experience, a diverse skill-set, hard work and dedication to execute successfully. We provide our investors with all of this and more.

Aligned Interests

As the Investment Manager we focus on a structure that aligns the interest of the Investors and the Investment Manager. Alignment of Investors’ interest with the Investment Manager is achieved in a number of ways, including: an investment strategy and management philosophy that prioritizes cash flows to the Investors and the Investment Manager’s compensation is heavily weighted to back-end performance as measured by the attainment of certain investor return thresholds. Additionally, there will also be a co-investment by the Investment Manager on an equal footing with Investors; putting our skin in the game.

Strong Real Estate Broker Relations and Deal Flow:

Structure Property Management Group, Inc. is a licensed California Real Estate Broker; however, Structure PMG does not participate in or reduce commissions to the real estate brokers we work with. We are dependent on strong working relations with the real estate brokerage community. To maintain those strong relations we keep all submittals completely confidential, we do not take any portion of the real estate brokerage commission and we use the real estate brokerage community when we decide to sell an asset.

Customers, Not Competitors.

When purchasing real estate assets we are principals in every sense. We have been fortunate to build long and trusting relations with a number of the most active real estate brokers in the region. We have purchased a number of off market transaction brought to us by real estate brokers who were paid full commissions. We are customers not competitors to the real estate brokerage community.

Relationship Opportunities

In addition to our strong relationships with the real estate brokerage community, from our active presence in the real estate community we also see acquisition opportunities from our relationships with attorneys, lenders and other real estate professionals. We look at and underwrite numerous potential acquisitions before we focus in on the right opportunity that we present to our select Investors.

Benefits to investing in real estate in a Structure PMG investment:

  • Full service investment and property management, including; comprehensive reporting and tax filings. Everything is taken care of by a dedicated team.
  • Investments are structured to provide attractive current returns and preserve capital through multiple market cycles.
  • Structure PMG has a proprietary financial model that allows us to analyze and stress test a potential acquisition under numerous potential scenarios.
  • The Investors benefit from economies of scale when we go out and raise a pool of equity that allows the Investors to participate in the ownership of a larger property than their same investment would otherwise allow. This gives the benefits of spreading risks and costs over a larger number of units.
  • We are experienced and disciplined, which means, we do not buy a property just because we can, we only buy when we should.
  • Investors will receive the benefit of the most favorable current tax and accounting rules available. Under current tax and accounting practices the Investors will receive the benefits of depreciation and capitalizations of costs which can work to shelter income.
  • The Investors will be in a position of limited risks by having Membership Interest in an LLC. This separates the Investors from many of the risks of owning real estate.
  • Structure PMG invests meaningful cash equity in every one of our investments. Because Structure PMG has significant skin in the game, we are relentless in our due diligence and execution, and we never compromise our investment values. Structure PMG treats our partners’ capital like our own and demonstrates the highest level of integrity at every stage of an investment’s life cycle.


Our strategy is focused, simple and straight forward.

We buy the right property at the right price, execute a business plan to improve the property (both physically and its operations), engage in active asset management and then take advantage of established long-term economic trends that will also increase the value to the investment over the holding period.

By combining each of these powerful forces we will significantly increase investor results.

Structure PMG has strong banking relations with industry leaders, including: