Who We Are

Structure PMG has the highest level of service found in boutique firms, while providing the expertise and best practices of institutional leaders in real estate management and investment.

Since 2009, Structure Property Management Group, Inc. (Structure PMG) has brought institutional real estate management and investment experience to our clients and investors.

With an impressive track record of success, we know how to leverage our powerful platform to maximize the value of real estate assets under our care and management.

Through our solid commitment to excellence and fiduciary accountability, we provide in-depth industry knowledge and vision to the assets under our management.

A key philosophy of ours is that real estate investment and property management are intertwined. To be a great real estate investor you have to be a great property manager, and likewise, to be a great property manager you have to be a great real estate investor.

We have a highly developed and capable platform to engage and excel in both real estate investment and property management. Our platform provides property management services to properties that we have invested in (owner-operator), as well as properties that we manage for other owners (third party property management).