Property Management

Structure PMG has developed and fine-tuned a dynamic system for managing properties.

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We bring in-depth knowledge and vision to our assets under management for both our third party clients and the properties we have invested in.

Our system is built around the consistent application of successful property management techniques and technologies and is based on our absolute commitment to enhance our assets under management.

A number of areas of property management require a systematic approach to ensure proper controls are in place and that changes over periods of time can be accurately tracked.

In addition to the need to have systems in place, we also recognize that not all properties run the same, creating a need to have specific programs designed for each property.

We understand the balance between systematic approaches and the need to identify and adjust management to the specific needs of each property. We provide a stable and reliable team of professionals who are directly responsible for the operations at every property we manage.

Structure PMG’s versatile operation never loses sight of tried and true property management fundamentals. We have a complete platform to provide all day-to-day and long-term property management services, including:

  • Income Management
  • Expense Management
  • Repair and Maintenance Management
  • Onsite Staff Management
  • Advertising and Marketing Management
  • Leasing Management
  • Tenant / Resident Management
  • Comprehensive Financial Reporting