Real Estate Investment

Our Motto:

“Fall in love with the yield, not the deal”.

Our private partnerships have selectively acquired real estate assets, allowing us to deliver exceptional results and exceed expectations for our investors, who made up of individual / high net worth investors and family offices.

At Structure PMG, a key philosophy of ours is to “fall in love with the yield, not the deal”. To us, that means we ought to be disciplined and selective investors. We do not engage in investments just because we can; rather, we make investments only when we should.

Our Criteria

Every investment we make has to meet our highly developed criteria, which includes:

  • A focus on supply constrained infill areas with high barriers to entry
  • Markets with net positive population growth
  • A key focus on Work Force Housing
  • Locations with diverse economic job centers
  • Ability to engage our platform and experience to add value

We are looking for investments that allow us to leverage our experience and platform. Specifically, we want to create and execute a business plan to improve operations and make targeted capital investments to add value to our properties.

Transparency, including reporting to our investors, is paramount. Structure PMG is a prudent steward of our investment capital — investing wisely, confidently and with integrity.

Investment returns are created by cash flow, refinances and sales.

Ultimately, we offer our investors many of the benefits of real estate ownership while removing significant aspects of the downside and risk of real estate investment. 

Cycle of Ownership

Structure PMG’s entrepreneurial and robust platform gives us the ability to add value to our assets under management during their entire investment holding period, including:

Although Structure PMG offers a wide array of property management and real estate investment services, one service that Structure PMG does not offer is real estate brokerage.

The real estate brokerage community is a vital part of Structure PMG’s growth and success. Structure PMG uses the brokerage community to find us new acquisitions and help us realize our goals when selling a property. We are clients of the brokerage community, not competition. We are very dependent on our strong relations with the real estate brokerage community.

We treat all submissions with confidentiality. Many of the transactions we have done have been off market opportunities brought to us by the real estate brokerage community. We make sure that the brokers involved get paid their commissions. We do not participate in any part of the real estate commissions from our investment activity.

Simply put, we are principals not brokers. We do not broker transactions or participate in real estate commissions that are created through our real estate investment activity.