Our Team

Eric Kramer, founder of structure pmg

Eric Kramer

Founder and President

Eric Kramer is founder and president of Structure PMG. Eric’s position puts him at the forefront of property management issues, real estate investment trends as well as market conditions.

Structure PMG has a mixture of third party property management (properties Eric does not have an ownership interest in and manages for clients) and properties that Structure PMG manages and Eric has an ownership interest in. This allows Eric to practice a core belief that to be a great real estate investor, you must be a great real estate operator. Through running Structure PMG, Eric has daily involvement with all the properties Structure PMG is responsible for. Eric’s approach to real estate management and investment is very active and very engaged.

Prior to forming Structure PMG, Eric was Vice President, Senior Development Manager for Essex Property Trust, a multifamily REIT. During his nine year tenure with Essex, Eric was directly involved with all aspects of real estate investment and development for over 1,250 units that, combined with Eric’s other responsibilities, represented a real estate portfolio valued at over one billion dollars.

Before joining Essex, Eric was a successful commercial real estate broker at Grubb & Ellis Company (now Newmark Knight Frank) and Sperry Van Ness Investment Real Estate.

Eric received his Bachelor of Science in Regional Development from the University of Arizona (1991), a Certificate in Construction Management from UCLA (2002), and an MBA from the University of Redlands (2004). Eric is a licensed California Real Estate Broker and a Certified Property Manager (CPM®) from the Institute of Real Estate Management (IREM).

Through Eric’s 20+ years of real estate experience, a significant part of which has been at the institutional level, he has developed the necessary skills to successfully run Structure PMG’s real estate portfolio and execute the strategy to maximize each asset’s value.

Eric’s real estate track record is available upon request.

Eric Kramer’s Contact Information:
Phone: (888) 695-9670 ext. 100
Email: eric.kramer@StructurePMG.com

Lise St. Clair

Office Manager

Lise runs Structure PMG’s main office and is responsible for revenue management, accounts payable and accounts receivable. Lise ensures compliance with established policies and procedures through Structure PMG’s assets under management. She implements procedures and systems within company guidelines to ensure orderly, efficient workflow. In addition to effectively handling Structure PMG’s main office needs, Lise regularly takes the leadership role in researching and implementing special projects.

Lise had over 30 years of real experience prior to joining Structure PMG. She has worked for such industry leaders as Donohue Schriber where she was a Corporate Accountant for multiple properties, The Rouse Company where she was a Mall Accountant of Island, and The Irvine Company where she was a Staff Accountant at multiple properties.

Lise St. Clair’s Contact Information:
Phone: (888) 695-9670 ext. 120
Email: lise@StructurePMG.com

Michael Afzal

Onsite & Residential Manager, Villa Grande

Michael is the Onsite and Residential Manager of Villa Grande. He ensures that the property management plan for Villa Grande is being executed, including creating and managing to annual property budgets. Michael is responsible for achieving occupancy goals including utilizing marketing strategies to secure prospective residents. He also implements resident retention programs. Michael ensures proper response and handling of all resident and building issues.

Michael Afzal’s Contact Information:
Phone: (714) 454-2761
Email: villagrande@StructurePMG.com

Luis Guitierrez

Maintenance Supervisor

Luis plays a lead role in the maintenance of Structure PMG’s assets under management. He monitors and maintains building systems and troubleshoots, diagnoses and solves maintenance issues.

Luis supervises vendors and contractors doing work onsite and assures adherence to specifications as well as observance of safety regulations and best practices. He makes recommendations for physical repairs and replacements. Luis monitors status and coordination of preparation of vacant apartments for rentals. He also schedules and completes preventative maintenance programs throughout Structure PMG’s portfolio in Los Angeles and Orange Counties.

Luis Guitierrez’s Contact Information:
Phone: (714) 425-1001
Email: maintenance@StructurePMG.com

Andrea Hamilton

Onsite & Residential Manager, Rockcrest Villas Senior Apartments

Andrea is the Onsite Manager for Rockcrest Villas Senior Apartments. She is responsible for the day-to-day property operations at Rockcrest Villas Senior Apartments. Andrea plays a lead role in making sure that business plans are executed, budgets are maintained, and policies and procedures are followed. In addition to her property management responsibilities, Andrea oversees resident relations at Rockcrest Villas Senior Apartments.

Andrea Hamilton’s Contact Information:
Phone: (619) 443-9611
Email: rockcrest@StructurePMG.com

Nydia Castro

Onsite & Residential Manager, Garrison Apartment Homes

Nydia is the Onsite and Resident Manager for Garrison Apartment Homes, and has responsibilities for other properties in our San Diego portfolio.

Nydia has a daily presence on site going from property to property and making sure that tenant and maintenance issues are being addressed and occupancy is being maximized. She is responsible for maximizing curb appeal procedures such as lawn care, parking lot appearance, cleanliness, building appearance, signage and office appearance.

Nydia conducts regular inspections of the interior and exterior of Structure PMG’s assets under management in the San Diego region. In addition to her extensive property management skills and experience, Nydia serves as an ambassador to the Spanish speaking community, communicating with prospective and existing residents who speak Spanish only.

Nydia Castro’s Contact Information:
Phone: (760) 908-2211
Email: oceanside@StructurePMG.com

Vanessa Espinoza

Onsite & Residential Manager, Vista Hills Apartment Homes

Vanessa is both the Onsite and Resident Manager of Vista Hills Apartment Homes. She is responsible for all phases of the property operations at Vista Hills Apartment Homes.

Vanessa is responsible for meeting revenue goals of the property, occupancy management, resident retention and providing a quality living experience for the residents. She is the primary point of contact for fielding and resolving any resident issues. Vanessa plays a large role in implementing the company’s goal of the residents having the best possible living experience at Vista Hills Apartment Homes.

Vanessa Espinoza’s Contact Information:
Phone: (760) 208-8292
Email: vista@StructurePMG.com

Alta Ortega

Human Resources & Administration

Alta provides a leadership role in human resources for Structure PMG and provides main office support with accounts receivable, accounts payable and special projects. Her main office responsibilities include an emphasis on accounting administration.

Alta is a true utility player, adding value and improving many of the items that come through the main office. She is able to maintain an office running efficiently by planning and organizing office policies and procedures.

Alta Ortega’s Contact Information:
Phone: (888) 695-9670 ext. 250
Email: alta@StructurePMG.com

Robert Castro

Repairs & Maintenance, San Diego

Robert is responsible for repairs and maintenance needs of our San Diego portfolio. He manages each of the existing residents’ maintenance and repair needed as well as the process for getting units rent ready for new residents. Robert also oversees the San Diego properties’ overall physical condition, including regular inspections to address any maintenance needs as well as maximize curb appeal.

Robert Castro’s Contact Information:
Phone: (760) 390-6690
Email: 760@StructurePMG.com

David Tron

Onsite & Residential Manager, Covina Gardens Apartments

David is both the Onsite and Resident Manager of Covina Gardens Apartments. He is responsible for ensuring budgeted occupancy levels at budgeted rental rates and in conjunction with other goals for Covina Gardens. David is responsible for the effective execution of marketing programs, lease renewal strategies, and resident retention plans. He is also responsible for effectively managing residents’ concerns in a professional and timely manner.

David Tron’s Contact Information:
Phone: (626) 315-6290
Email: covina@StructurePMG.com

Gustavo Sanchez

Maintenance, Orange & LA Counties

Gustavo provides maintenance support to the Orange and Los Angeles Counties portfolio. He completes work orders and ensures that turnover of vacant units is completed in a timely manner. Gustavo performs daily walk throughs of the property with the goal of addressing all maintenance needs and maximizing curb appeal.

Gustavo Sanchez’s Contact Information:
Email: maintenance@StructurePMG.com

Jose Luna

Onsite & Residential Manager, Marquis Apartments

Jose is both the Onsite and Resident Manager of Marquis Apartments. He is responsible for the overall operation of the property and the day-to-day implementation of policy and procedures. Jose’s responsibilities include leasing apartments, collecting rents, inspecting units (move-ins/move-outs), resident relations, overseeing maintenance items, and other responsibilities to achieve the performance targets for this property.

Jose Luna’s Contact Information:
Phone: (657) 263-8477
Email: marquis@StructurePMG.com

Anh Quach

Main Office Support

Anh provides accounts payable, accounts receivable, and general support to the main office. She works to ensure deadlines are met for the main office’s deliverables in a timely manner. She also manages vendors’ accounts, including tracking onsite work. Anh regularly evaluates market conditions and comparable properties.

Anh Quach’s Contact Information:
Phone: (888) 695-9670 ext. 350
Email: anh@StructurePMG.com

Kelly Berkeley

Onsite & Residential Manager, Estrellita Arms

Kelly is the Onsite and Resident Manager for Estrellita Arms. She is the primary point of contact for all prospective and existing residents of the property. She is also the primary point of contact for work that done at the property. Kelly plays a lead role in making sure that the residents have the best possible living experience while at the property.

Kelly Berkeley’s Contact Information:
Phone: (562) 509-8554
Email: estrellita@StructurePMG.com

Susana Garcia

Onsite & Residential Manager, Islandia Apartments

Susana is the Onsite and Resident Manager for Islandia Apartments. She assists in day-to-day property management needs of Islandia Apartments. Susana is the primary point of contact for all prospective residents and current residents, as well as repair and maintenance work being done at Islandia Apartments.

Susana Garcia’s Contact Information:
Phone: (657) 340-0999
Email: islandia@StructurePMG.com